Rodger Kingston (rpkphoto)

Born in Seattle, Washington and raised in Montana, I have lived in Massachusetts since 1968. I've shown extensively throughout the United States, and my photographs are in many collections, including the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Harvard’s Fogg Art Museum, and the National Gallery of American Art and Corcoran Gallery of Art, both in Washington, DC.

Museum curator, author, and photographic historian Clark Worswick has stated that [Rodger] “... is amongst the best artists that America has offered: for his generosity of' spirit: for the blast of adrenalin I get from his encounters with 'the great ordinary of American vernacular': for his sense of history in photography: and for his deep sense of proportion, common sense, and uncommon humor." A Walker Evans scholar, in 1995 I published "Walker Evans In Print: An Illustrated Bibliography." I have a Masters Degree in Education from Harvard University.

The galleries below are organized by Categories. Thus, "New American Photographs" and "Searching for Edward Hopper," are categorized under "Books."

"The Snapshot Century," in "Photo History," features images from my vintage snapshot collection. I believe that collecting photographs comes from the same impulse as taking them with a camera. Collecting has given me powerful training for my eye and for my imagination.

Archival inkjet prints of my images in several sizes, and printed by me, are available from me directly; I can be reached at rpkphoto@comcast.net.